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21 December 2014

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

Molton Brown is such a lovely, luxurious British Bath and Body Company with such stunning gift sets on offer this Christmas. My favourite gift set has to be the Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection £42* which contains twelve travel sized products.

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection
Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

The Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection is packaged within a beautiful, large cream gift box complete with matching satin bow. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to unwrap this box come Christmas Day. Once the lid has been lifted, the box contains two rows of six Molton Brown products. There are six different Molton Brown fragrances within the box, and for each of the fragrances there is a Body Wash and matching Nourishing Body Wash. What makes this gift set so special, is that there are three feminine scents and three masculine scents so this would be the most amazing gift for a couple as they could each have a set of six products, so it's a gift that they could both enjoy.

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

The first two scents within the collection are; Orange & Bergamot and Gingerlily. 

Orange & Bergamot: This is a feminine scent, and the most subtle from the collection with a soft yet sweet scent. Sometimes citrus based scents can be quite overpowering, but this really isn't as it's more sweet orange than being a sharp citrus scent.

Gingerlily: I think this is more of a masculine scent, as it's a spicy warm fragrance with ginger oil, tuberose and cedarwood which reminds me of an aftershave. 

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

The next two fragrances within the collection are Pink Pepperpod and Templetree.

Pink Pepperpod: This is such an unique feminine scent.. I've never smelt anything like this before. It contains fiery pink pepperpod, ginger and rich patchouli to create a spicy, woody fragrance that really lasts on the skin and is perfect for Winter.

Templetree: This would work nicely equally for men or women. It contains jasmine, rose and sandalwood for a fresh, almost spa-like fragrance. Templetree doesn't last on the skin as well as the other scents, but it's still a lovely fragrance nonetheless.

Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection

The last two fragrances are Ylang Ylang, and Black Peppercorn.

Ylang Ylang: This is such a strong scent that leaves my whole bathroom filled with its aroma. This is another feminine fragrance containing ylang ylang, cardamom and musk which I find to be a really relaxing, calming scent that I love using before bed.

Black Peppercorn: This is my other half's favourite shower gel of all time, so I was really happy to see the scent feature within this collection. Black Peppercorn is a very masculine scent with coriander, black peppercorn and vetiver for a spicy, peppery, warm scent that I just love whenever Rob wears it. 

The Molton Brown Bath & Body Treasures Collection is an amazing gift set, and we've loved being able to try all of the different scents and discovering new favourites. The Body Washes work best when used with a shower puff to help encourage a generous, rich lather. The Nourishing Body Lotions are on par with body butters in that they're also rich, and melt into the skin leaving feeling silky smooth, beautifully scented and nourished. If you've never had the priviledge of trying Molton Brown before, I cannot recommend this collection enough as it's such a great way to try lots of different fragrances and even though it costs £42, it's actually worth £60 which is fantastic value.

20 December 2014

ACER Aspire Switch 10

When I started my blog exactly two years ago, I had no idea how time consuming it would in terms of the time I'd spend online... with blog post writing, emails and multiple social media platforms. When it comes to writing my blog posts, I use my laptop which is practically a brick and definitely not something I can carry around so I've been looking into getting a more portable, lightweight option. I have my iPad mini which I love, but it does have its flaws as a blogging device.. It's extremely difficult to blog on, commenting on blogs is so time consuming and I can't transfer my photos from my DSLR into posts very easily so I tend to just use it for managing my social media accounts and email.

A few weeks back I was contacted by ACER, to see if I'd like to review their Aspire Switch 10 which if I'm brutally honest, I'd never heard of but after researching online, I knew it had potential to be the lightweight and portable device I was looking for. The ACER Aspire Switch 10 £299* is really quite unique as it's essentially a computer in a 10.1" tablet form, with an attachable keyboard allowing you to use it as either a tablet on its own or with the keyboard.

ACER Inspire Switch 10
ACER Inspire Switch 10

Setting up the Switch 10 was incredibly easy, and only took a matter of minutes after I'd charged it up for the very first time, straight from the box. I'm really impressed with how solid the tablet feels, it feels so much more sturdier and robust compared to my iPad mini and it fits comfortably in the hands. Obviously it's a lot bigger than my iPad mini as its 10.1" but this is actually the perfect size at night when you're sitting up in bed, as it lays across my lap comfortably. The keyboard feels slightly less solid than the tablet, but that's to be expected as the battery and processor are all in the tablet. I was initially worried that the keys on the keyboard may be a little too cramped for my sausage fingers which would make typing difficult but they're really not, and I can type comfortably and easily. 

ACER Inspire Switch 10
ACER Inspire Switch 10

To attach the keyboard to the tablet, there are two plastic connectors which slide into the base of the tablet thanks to strong magnets, which makes attaching (and removing) the keyboard very quick and easy which I love. What makes the Switch 10 stand out, is that it has a USB 2.0 port on the keyboard, and it has a mini USB port on the tablet, so you can attach external hard drives, printers, cameras etc with ease which you can't do with an iPad. I can upload images directly from my camera onto the Switch 10 which again I couldn't do with my iPad which is seriously frustrating. There's no disc drive on the device, but you can go to the website of the brand of your camera, phone, or printer etc to download a link to install it onto the system so it's really no issue not having a disc drive.

The operating system on the ACER Switch 10 is Microsoft Windows 8, and it even comes with Microsoft Office which is amazing as it'd cost you around £80 to purchase that alone so to see it on the Switch 10 is really impressive. The interface is really easy to use, maybe even more so than a conventional laptop as you're able to use the keyboard or the touchscreen, or you can use a combination of both which I really like doing, especially when blog reading/commenting as you can scroll much quicker than say using the mouse track pad. 

ACER Inspire Switch 10

I am genuinely so impressed with everything about the ACER Aspire Switch 10, and there's nothing that I don't like. It really is the perfect blogging device that makes writing posts, reading blogs, commenting, social media and emails incredibly easy especially as it's so lightweight with a battery of upto 8 hours which is so much better than my laptop so it's ideal for taking out and about. If I was made to give the Switch 10 back tomorrow, I'd definitely purchase it for myself as it makes blogging so much easier, and amazingly I rarely even turn my proper laptop on now, as the Switch 10 does everything that my laptop does but it's quicker, much more lightweight and compact as well as being extremely user friendly. The Switch 10 would make for the most perfect Christmas present for anyone, but this really is the dream device for bloggers...

19 December 2014

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette

The beauty world has become contouring crazy thanks to Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic revealing all his tips on how he creates Kim's heavily sculpted makeup look. Now for me personally, contouring isn't something I do on a daily basis.. but it is something I like to do when I'm wearing perhaps a fuller face of makeup to stop my skin from looking one-dimensional. Until now I've been enjoying using my beloved NYX Powder Blush in Taupe, which is a cool-toned grey shade, for my contouring but when I spotted that Beauty UK had created their custom Ultimate Contour Palette, I had to give it a try especially as it's only £4.99.

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette Review
Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette Review

The Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette contains three shallow, circular pans of Contour, Bronzer and Highlighter creams inside a black cardboard box with a magnetic lid. The packaging isn't particularly great, as it's a little flimsy with a thin piece of plastic in lid. Each pan contains just 2.36ml of product which isn't very generous, although the palette is only £4.99.. but it's something to consider if you plan to use it everyday as I can't imagine it would last for very long at all. On the back of the box, there is quite a good guide to show you where each of the three products should be used which I really like, making it ideal for contouring newbies.

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette Review

The contour cream is a great shade, as it's not at all warm or orange toned so it's perfect for creating the appearance of a natural shadow. The bronzer shade is pretty orange, so it'd be most suited those with a warm undertone, and the highlight shade is a slightly warm cream which doesn't contain any shimmer particles. I like to apply the contour shade with a brush like the Sigma F60, in the places I want to use it such as the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and temples and then use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to blend it in to get rid of any harsh, obvious lines. For the highlighter cream, I like to use a blending brush like the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush. 

I love the contour cream as it's really effective, but I don't like the bronzer as it's just too warm toned and it looks very muddy against my skintone. The highlighter shade applies well, but I feel that it'd be more noticeable on those with darker skintones as this shade is actually my skintone so it doesn't actually make very much difference. I think this palette is impressive for a drugstore contour palette, as I've not found anything comparable from other brands.. but it would be better suited for those with a darker, warmer complexion than mine.