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26 November 2014

The Greedy Book | The Ultimate Wishlist

Wishlists appear on pretty much most blogs these days, as they're a great way to share what you're lusting after with your readers. The Greedy Book is fabulous new website that allows you to create interactive wishlists which you can share on your blog, with friends/family members or even on social media. You could even use The Greedy Book as a platform to hold your gift list if you're getting married. The Greedy Book allows you to create 'albums' which you can individually name and choose whether they're private or open for public viewing, and you can add items to your album by posting the URL, or alternatively you can add a widget to your toolbar similar to the Pinterest extension, that allows you to add anything you see on the web page you're currently on.

Once you've added an item, you then have the choice to add a description for the products you've chosen and you can create as many albums as you wish. Once you've created the album, you can then send the links to whomever you'd like and the beauty of The Greedy Book, is that you can then purchase an item from an album there and then as it's all linked for you. Once you've purchased an item/s from your friend/family members Greedy Book, you simply mark the product as purchased so there's no risk of anyone else purchasing the same item. 

I created my very own The Greedy Book here, and I was impressed with how quick and easy it was to set up and add products, and you can even do screenshots of your albums to then insert into blog posts which is a dream for bloggers as it's SO much quicker, and easier than creating a collage for wishlist or gift guide posts. Below I've shared my Greedy Book, with the twelve items I'm currently lusting after, and would love to receive as a gift...

I had so much fun creating my album of gorgeous gift ideas, and I really love the whole concept.. especially if you hate being put on the spot with the whole 'what would you like for Christmas' question, which if like me, leaves you a stuttering mess. The Greedy Book alleviates any awkwardness of asking for something too expensive, as you can simply choose to purchase whatever you like from the person's wishlist.. and of course there's no risk of you receiving an unsuitable gift. 

You can add literally anything from the whole internet to your own Greedy Book within a matter of seconds, and it really is the ultimate wishlist creating tool. The other great thing about The Greedy Book, is that you're able to browse gifts other people have added to their own albums, for gift inspiration which is also a lot of fun as you can discover items and products you'd not normally have come across - it's like Pinterest for gifts.

I'd love to see your Greedy Book albums if you create one, so please a leave your links below :)

25 November 2014

Soapsmith Bloomsbury Handmade Soap

Soapsmith Bloomsbury Handmade Soap Review
Soapsmith Bloomsbury Handmade Soap Review

Soapsmith is a bath, body and soap making brand based in London, and all of their products are packaged with a London inspired design. Soapsmith have a range of nine different scents; all inspired by different places in London, which is just an amazingly unique concept. Each product carries a map of London, to reflect the area that the scent is name after which I love. You can purchase Soapsmith's products online at Victoria Health, or in a number of individual stores which you can find here.

Soap isn't the most exciting product and I've never been wowed by a soap until I tried the Soapsmith Bloomsbury Handmade Soap. This soap is so strongly scented that I could smell its beautiful scent through the padded envelope it arrived in.. I've never come across a soap with such a strong scent and it has a truly stunning scent which is so strong that it scents my bathroom and lingers on my hands for upto an hour after each use. The Bloomsbury scent is a combination of fresh roses, honeysuckle, primrose and peony and it is so ridiculously authentic, that it smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers - it's so truly stunning, and I've had compliments from everyone that has used it so far.

I am a self confessed germaphobe so I wash my hands regularly throughout the day so they do tend to try out and get quite uncomfortable, especially if I use a liquid handwash as I find them to be so drying on my hands. To reduce my hands from drying out, I much prefer to use a bar of soap over an handwash as I find them to be more gentle as they don't contain the artificial foaming agents that liquid handwashes do. The Soapsmith Bloomsbury Handmade Soap is made from a cocoa butter, olive oil and a coconut oil base with a base of Tussah Silk to create a creamy lather. The soap almost melts upon contact with the skin, and the lather cleanses the skin and leaves my hands feeling soft, silky, nourished and delicately fragranced.. it's the nicest soap I've ever had the pleasure of using and I'm now dying to try more of their scents as I'm just genuinely blown away by how incredible this soap is and at just £6 each, they'd make a stunning Christmas gift.

Are you a soap fan, or do you prefer handwashes?