I’ve professed my love for the Laura Geller Spackle Primers a couple of times here on my blog with the Even Tone version and the Colour Correcting version, and the newest to my collection is the Laura Geller Spackle Soothing Makeup Primer. The Laura Geller Spackle Soothing Makeup Primer contains natural botanical extracts and antioxidants help calm irritation, while green pigments diminish the appearance of redness. It is described as having an ultra-hydrating formula which glides on smooth to create the perfect canvas for flawless makeup. The Laura Geller Spackle Primers are such great value as they contains 59ml of product and retail for £25 which is amazing… View Post

I’m a face mask addict, so naturally when I heard that Vichy were releasing three brand new face masks I was excited. Vichy is my favourite skincare brand, and I’m yet to be disappointed by any of their products so I had high hopes for their new masks and I just couldn’t wait to smother my face in them. The Vichy Face Masks are £14 each, and contains 75ml of mask within a weighty clear glass jar and can be purchased from Escentual. My skin is very dry and dehydrated, and I have dry patches on my cheeks and forehead so… View Post

Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette 60ml – The Perfume Shop – £44 The original Jimmy Choo fragrance is one of my most favourite fragrances, and whenever I don’t know which fragrance to wear, I find myself reaching for my Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum as it’s such a classic scent. I always look forward to the summer scent releases and when I saw the new 2016 incarnation of the Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette, I decided that it was high time I added it to my collection as it sounded like the perfect summer version of my beloved… View Post

Ever since MAC launched their two pre-filled x15 eyeshadow palettes, I’ve been contemplating purchasing one but at £65 I couldn’t really justify one since I own a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow palettes but that still didn’t stop me lusting after them. The two x 15 pre-filled palettes are the MAC Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette and MAC Cool Neutral Eyeshadow Palette and each palettes contains fifteen full size MAC eyeshadows within one of their clear plastic palettes, however you can’t take the shadows out of these palettes like you can do with their standard palettes. If you were to make your own fifteen pan… View Post

I first tried the Neve Cosmetics brand back in the beginning of last year and I was so impressed with the quality especially as their products are so affordable. Neve Cosmetics are an Italian cruelty free makeup brand which we can purchase from Beauty Chamber here in the UK. The newest launch from Neve Cosmetics is the Neve Cosmetics Vernissage Natural Gloss collection which consists of ten different shades, each retailing for just £7.50. The Neve Cosmetics Vernissage Natural Gloss collection are described as being a shiny and rich lipgloss inspired by painting with a longlasting and comfortable lacquer effect thanks to its… View Post

The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Haircare Range is the newest addition to the L’Oreal Elvive collection which has ‘combined 3 refined clays into a hair care range to break the vicious cycle of oily roots & dry ends’. I have pretty long hair which is very fine but I have a lot of it and my hair and scalp are generally quite dry so I wasn’t sure if the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay would work for my hair but I was excited to give the products I try as I absolutely love the L’Oreal Elvive products, especially the L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist range… View Post