Freedom Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder| #FreedomWeekFreedom Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder| #FreedomWeekFreedom Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder| #FreedomWeek

Freedom Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder £2.50

 There are three different shades available of the Freedom Pro Glow Powders, and I have already reviewed the shade Roar previously on my blog but the shade wasn’t particularly flattering for my skintone, but as I liked the texture of the powder I decided to buy the Pink Cat shade. The Freedom Pro Glow Powders are only £2.50 each and they contain four grams of product. The powders have a really pretty leopard print design which I personally love as I love leopard print, but I know it’s not for everyone.. but the design is similar to that of the Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer although the Roar and Purr shades are more similar shade wise than Pink Cat.

The Freedom Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder contains a shimmery pale peach base, with shimmery neon pink and shimmery baby pink sections. Due to the size of the sections, it’s not possible to use the different colours individually unless you’re happy to apply your blush with a small eyeshadow brush, so the best way to apply the powder is with a fluffy blush brush which you can swirl around to pick up all three shades. When blended together, Pink Cat creates a pretty rosy pink shade with lots of shimmer.

I’m not normally a fan of shimmery blushes, but I actually really like how Pink Cat looks on my skintone when applied with a duo-fiber brush as it gives a sheerer effect colour and shimmer wise. Even though this is a very shimmery blush, the shimmer is really pretty and doesn’t contain any chunky shimmer or glitter particles and it doesn’t settle and emphasise my pores. For £2.50, I think this is such a lovely blush and I’ve never seen anything else quite like this on the highstreet so it’s a welcome addition to my makeup collection.

Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow PaletteFreedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette

Freedom have an extensive range of eyeshadow palettes considering they launched so recently; Pro Decadence Palettes, Pro 12 Palettes, Pro Shade and Brighten Palettes as well as their Pro 32 Collection Palettes. There are two different types of the Freedom Pro 32 Collection Palettes which each cost just £8, and today I bring you their Innocent Collection palette which is a neutral shadow lovers dream. The Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette is packaged within a sleek, glossy, black plastic palette with a generous mirror within the lid. Each of the 32 eyeshadows are in square pans, and there are matte, satin, shimmer and glitter finished within the palette.

I own a lot of neutral palettes, but what I particularly liked about the Innocent Collection is that it contained mostly cool toned shades which is quite rare as most palettes tend to lean quite warm in tone. The palette is actually quite compact considering it contains 32 pans, and the pans aren’t tiny either so you could easily travel with this palette and create endless makeup looks as you have so many options to choose from.

Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette

The range of shades within this palette really is fantastic, and as a whole they’re pretty pigmented. There a fair few pale shades within the palette which aren’t particularly pigmented which you might be able to see from the photos above, but rest assured once they’re layered over a primer, they perform a lot better. My favourite row from the palette would have to be second one as there isn’t one disappointing shade, and I love the grey and taupe toned shades.

Freedom describe their Pro 32 Palettes as having an HD formula, but I can’t honestly see an improvement in the formula of these shadows to any of the other Freedom or Makeup Revolution palettes. If I was being completely honest, I’d perhaps say that this palette is a little disappointing compared to the super pigmented shadows within the Freedom Pro Decadence Palettes, and all of the Makeup Revolution 32 shadow palettes. I find the shadows within this Freedom Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette to be a little powdery, but it’s by no means a bad palette.. I’d still totally recommend it as it’s a great palette, but it’s not their best palette in my opinion. I would love to see Freedom extend their Pro 32 Palettes range, like Makeup Revolution have with theirs and I’d especially love to see an all matte palette or perhaps even a foiled shadow palette.

Freedom Pro Highlight Powders | #FreedomWeek

I love makeup, but there are two products in particular that I can never resist and they are; eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. I own a ridiculous amount of both, but I just can’t resist adding new ones to my collection. I am a massive fan of the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Blushing Hearts Baked Highlighters, so I was excited when I saw Freedom had a range of highlighters too although I was a little worried that they might be identical to the Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts or Vivid Baked Highlighters but I decided to order them anyway as they’re only £3 each.

Freedom Pro Highlight Powders | #FreedomWeek

There are two shades available of the Freedom Pro Highlight Powders; Brighten and Glow and each powder contains an impressive 7.5 grams. The packaging is quite sleek, and is a little similar to the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters except these powders have flat lids, whereas the Vivid Baked Highlighters have domed lids which makes them difficult to store so I much prefer the flat lids of these Freedom Pro Highlight Powders. Each compact feels really solid and robust, and I love the design of the powder itself as it has a wave like design with Freedom engraved into the powder. The design of the powder is very similar to the MAC Extra Dimension Powders which I’m pretty sure was intentional.

Freedom Pro Highlight Powders Freedom Pro Highlight Powders Freedom Pro Highlight Powders

The texture of the powders is a little rough when you touch it with your fingertips, which made me think they’d be pretty chunky once applied to the skin but I needn’t have worried as they’re the complete opposite. I couldn’t believe how smooth, and silky they were to apply.. there is absolutely no chunkiness to them whatsoever, and they’re so pigmented which I hope you can see from the swatches above – these are from circling my finger around the pan just twice (amazing I know). Shade wise, Brighten is a peachy pink shade in the pan but on the skin, it’s more of a pretty pale champagne which I absolutely love and I think it would suit any skintone whatsoever. Glow is an incredible yellow gold.. I’ve never seen an highlighter with such a strong yellow tone to it, it’s just stunning.

Not only are Brighten and Glow beautiful highlighters, they’re also amazing as eyeshadows as they’re so shimmery and I particularly like using them as toppers for my eyeshadow for a metallic finish. There’s no doubt that these are very intense highlighters, but I love to use a fan brush to apply them to the high points of my face and they just give the most gorgeous luminosity to my skin – I can’t quite believe that they’re only £3 each.  I really love that Freedom have got a shade for cool toned skin as well as warm toned skin, but honestly both of them suit my cool toned skin so don’t be put off by either of them as I’m sure they’ll work for you too.

Now are they identical to the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters or the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighters? I’m very happy to say that they really aren’t identical. I am planning on doing a post with swatches of all of them soon so you can see them all side by side, but I assure you both Brighten and Glow are unique shades, and aren’t just repeats. I absolutely love them both and cannot recommend them enough if you love highlighters as they’re just amazing and quite possibly my favourite Freedom Makeup product…

Freedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow Palette |#FreedomWeek

There’s no doubt that eyeshadow palettes are Makeup Revolution’s best products.. they really do know how to create beautiful palettes, with incredible quality for super affordable prices so when Freedom launched, I knew I had to try their eyeshadows in the hope they’d be on par with those from Makeup Revolution. When Freedom launched, they announced that their Pro Decadence Palettes were only available to purchase from Beauty Crowd so I had no choice but to place an order through Beauty Crowd to get hold of the palettes I wanted. However they do now sell these palettes on the Freedom site here incase you did want to order them through Freedom rather than Beauty Crowd as Freedom run frequent promotions for discount or free gifts.

Freedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow Palette |#FreedomWeekFreedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow Palette

There are four different Freedom Pro Decadence Palettes, and they each retail for just £6 and contain twenty eyeshadows. I opted for the Freedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow Palette as I really loved the rosy tone to the shades from what I could see from the picture on the Beauty Crowd website. The palette is impressively compact considering it contains twenty decent sized eyeshadows. The palette contains a generous sized mirror within the lid, as well as a dual ended sponge tip applicator. I really like that Freedom have made the shadows the shape that they are.. they’re a good shape and size so you can easily fit your brush into each shadow without worrying about touching any bordering shadows which is something I don’t like with the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palettes as the pans are too thin and narrow.

Freedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow PaletteFreedom Pro Decadence Magic Eyeshadow Palette

The palette contains a combination of matte, shimmer and satin finishes but it is predominantly a shimmery palette but the matte shades which are included work really well as crease/transition shades so you can create so many different looks from this one palette without needing to reach for other palettes to complete the look. The shadows as a whole are impressively pigmented, with only a three shades that are perhaps a little disappointing (such as shade one, eleven and sixteen) but they’re absolutely fine when layered over an eyeshadow primer. I think this is such a fantastic palette, especially for only £6 as it works out as just thirty pence and eyeshadow which is crazy considering how good quality they are. I would love to see Freedom release more palettes to their Pro Decadence line.. and perhaps an all matte palette too as I think it’d be so popular.

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