MAC Ravishing Cremesheen Lipstick

I’m quite proud of my growing MAC lipstick collection, although there will always be room for more. I noticed that my collection is largely made up of pink and nude shades, which will naturally get a lot more wear than a shocking pink. I wanted some brighter shades for the days, where a nude lipstick will just not do. My first point of call for a brighter lipstick was MAC’s Ravishing.
I love coral coloured anything, so Ravishing looked like the perfect transition shade from pink to a more summery brighter colour. Everyone loves a Cremesheen, they’re so comfortable on the lips and require little to no lip preparation prior to slicking one on. The wear time of 2-3 hours isn’t ideal, but it takes seconds to reapply.
I really love the opacity of Ravishing considering it’s a Cremesheen finish lipstick. I was expecting it to be a little more sheer. I think Ravishing’s creamy peach shade looks great against my paler skin tone, although I expect it could leave darker skin tones looking slightly washed out. I was surprised by how comfortable Ravishing is, it’s almost like wearing a lip butter, it’s just so smooth. I had seen some reviews where there’d been mention of Ravishing emphasising any imperfections on the lips, but I have to disagree. It’s the perfect lipstick for those with dry lips, as it doesn’t highlight them at all. I absolutely love this shade overall, and think it’s definitely got me wanting to try more brighter lipstick shades. I really want to try maybe Costa Chic or Vegas Volt next?!
  • Beauty by Tellie

    That is absolutely lovely!

    Beauty by Tellie

    • Gemma T

      It is isn’t it? Xx

  • Nikki Ash

    Vegas Volt is beautiful, definitely more orange-y. I wrote a post about it. :) I’ve been wanting to try Ravishing, as I love all things orange and coral, and now I definitely feel like I need to add it to my collection. Great post! xx

    • Gemma T

      Oh yes it really is a gorgeous shade 😄 xx

  • Jess Slater

    One of my all time favourites <3 you’d like costa chic if you like ravishing I think!! xxx

  • zoe louise

    ooh this is such a pretty colour xx

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  • Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    Ooh I do love a coral lipie, can’t go wrong with a cremesheen!
    Megan xx

  • Emma

    This is a lovely coral colour, perfect for the warmer months x

  • sugarfixxbeauty

    Absolutely stunning shade!

    Katie xo

  • Claire Wilkinson

    This looks beautiful! Really want to try it now :) xx

  • Molly Lyon

    I can imagine this being absolutely beautiful next to your pale skin! What about Crosswires? It’s a super pretty coral xxx

    • Gemma T

      I’ve never swatched crosswires before actually, but I will next time I’m in a MAC store :) xxx

  • Layla D

    This colour looks beautiful but I am so sad that MAC is no longer cruelty free!! Such glorious colours but I’m not going to buy it!! :(

    Layla xx

    • Gemma T

      It is a shame :( xx

  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    Looks so lovely!! I really need to get myself one!

  • Reb Mintoff

    Gorgeous lipstick!

  • Aislinn B

    Oh, I love this color! I want this next! Well, I want a lot of things next, lol. :)

  • Chlo O’Donnell

    Oh my gosh, this shade is gorgeous! Vegas Volt is one of my favourites!

    Chlo |


  • Jamie-Lee GlitterInfatuation
  • Ambi Sud

    My best friend wore this on her wedding day last year, it’s SUCH a gorgeous shade – I went and bought it myself the day after the wedding!

    Ambi xx

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  • Amy W. Hemmingway

    I love the colour but I don’t like Cremesheen finishes :(


    • Gemma T

      They’re a little sift, and last for such a small amount of time :( xx

  • Wanischa S

    I just swatched this in store the other day and I thought it it looks really similar to sushi kiss.
    I used to have costa chic but for some reason I don’t reach for it as much.

    Kah-Feh Yen

    • Gemma T

      Oh really? I don’t have Sushi Kiss to compare :) xx

  • Jen Burns

    What a gorgeous color!!! I want it!! Next on my purchase list!


  • Amber Hunter

    This is such a pretty shade! Coral is so beautiful especially for summer and it’s a wonderful transition color like you pointed out!I think you would probably like Crosswires though I’ve heard for a frost Costa Chic is very nice as well!
    xx Amber

    • Gemma T

      You’re the second person to recommend crosswires :) ill definitely have to swatch it, it sounds lovely xxx

  • Claire does beauty

    Gorgeous colour!! I was going to buy this yesterday but opted for another one! Oh well it’s next on my list. xx

    Claire does beauty

  • Dilan Dilir

    love the colour!

  • Simplybeautifulelegant

    perfect color for spring!

  • Aislyn

    Wow, love this color! I’m a sucker for corals lately, I have added many product of that shade to my collection lately. I have yet to try a mac lipstick though, I need to get on that! lol

  • Cherry

    Such a lovely shade!

  • Megan Lillie

    This looks amazing, what a stunning shade.
    Megan xxx

  • Sisterswhoshop1023

    Lovely colour! My lipstick wishlist is getting too long! :)

  • emilyvannah

    That is gorgeous!! I love that color! I do not have a MAC lipstick yet and that one looks great!


  • Sophie Wood

    this is a gorgeous colour, i’ll be off to MAC asap!
    i’m also holding a giveaway over on my blog, please check it out!
    Sophie x | sophielouisew_

  • Laura Mackay

    Gawgeous. xx L xx ❤ Scottish Lass ❤

  • Danielle Dunbar

    gorge colour on ur skin tone my fave cremesheen from mac is defo Shy girl. need to invest in more Mac brighter shades fror summer. I think maybe something from all about orange collection

    Danielle xxx

  • Linsay

    Love this shade. Coral is one of my favourites.

    I would like to invite you to enter my giveaway.


  • accioabigail

    Gorgeous shade! Mac always seem to get it right!

  • Emily

    Love this colour, very pretty!
    I’m not usually a fan of corals but this one is lovely.

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  • Yanzel Zoe

    Lovely coral color!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  • Beauty Banter Blog

    Wow this color is amazingg!!!

    Maddy @

  • Isabel

    this is going to sound crazy but i dont own a single mac lipstick!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  • Jess

    what a perfect sheer coral!

  • MirrorOnThe Wall

    I’ve had my eye on this for ages, it is just such a beaut! The Mac where I am will only sell it as part of a kit though, which comes with a lip gloss and pencil. I wouldn’t use the gloss, and seeing as the set costs about £60 over here I’ve given it a miss!
    I can’t stop using Coral Bliss at the moment though – perfect summery day-time shade. The ones in the All About Orange collection look gorgeous too.
    Mel xx

  • Jessie

    Aww that’s such a nice colour. It’s beautiful! :) xx

  • Lorna Patrick

    This is gorgeous, such a shame orange toned products look hideous on me!

    Lorna | Studs and Dreams xx

  • Naomii Carol Hainan

    Gorgeous shade. MAC lippies are the best


  • Jodie Melling

    This colour looks gorgeous! I would love to try it.

    Jodie x

  • Lauren L.

    This is such a pretty summer colour! x

  • Holly Gardiner

    This is gorgeous! I prefer the brighter MAC lipsticks, although I get less wear from them…maybe I just haven’t found my perfect nude yet…
    I have Costa Chic and totally recommend it – do ittt :D

    Holly Mixtures

    I’m a new follower, oddly I thought I was following you already haha (?) ah well!!!

  • Sarah Caron

    I have been lusting after Ravishing for weeks, but I didn’t think it would suit my fair skin… I’m glad to read that a fellow fair lady loves Ravishing. Although I want it even more now… a MAC haul is in my near future! :)

    I’ve added you on Bloglovin’! Great post!


  • Lolly Laura

    Love this colour, I have already got a similar shade but I love mac lipsticks :)I have followed you on bloglovin’

  • Rachel Brooks

    Love this colour! I need this in my life!! hehe!


  • Jodie Melling

    This is my favourite mac colour! I have it in the illustrated palette but now I want to buy the full size for my handbag.

    Jodie x