Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream

Tibby Olivier is a skincare brand which I’ve never tried before but I have seen mentioned by a couple of people I follow on Twitter. I was very kindly offered two of their products to trial over a four week period, to see what I thought? Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask £64.80 and the Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Face Cream £64.80*. Tibby Olivier’s products are all handmade in Britain and are vegan friendly, and don’t contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, sulphates, silicone or SLS and contain organic essential oils and vegetable oils wherever possible. The Tibby Olivier Faith Lift range is described as being a non-surgical face lifting skincare system.
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
The packaging on both of the products is really luxurious, with a black and gold theme.. even the lining inside the boxes is gold which is such a stunning touch. The products are housed within golden plastic jars with screw lids.. the Faith Lift Mask comes complete with a small black spatula too, which makes application a little more hygienic. I really do like the packaging although I have to be honest and say that the stickers on the front of the jars slightly ruin the high-end appearance as they’re crooked and full of air bubbles, but apart from that the packaging is really lovely.
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
The Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Face Cream 30ml contains the Faith Lift ingredient in a vitamin rich, nourishing moisturiser containing organic shea butter, borage oil, organic whole leaf aloe vera, vitamin E and vitamin A palmitate. It claims to instantly soothe the skin and increases the density of any slackening tissues. The wheat proteins and green tea form an elastic film to help tighten the skin, to leave the skin feeling smoother and firmer. The Faith Lift Cream also claims to leave the complexion glowing with facial features lightened and contours are better reshaped.
The cream has a very subtle scent when first applied, but disappears within a couple of minutes. It has quite a unique consistency in that it has a ‘wet’ consistency, which on contact with skin dries instantly leaving no shine or visible moisture on the skin’s surface making it ideal with oilier skin types. As soon as I apply the cream, my skin feels instantly nourished as it’s so rich without leaving any grease or residue. It’s such a beautiful cream which makes my dry, tight skin so much more comfortable.
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask and Faith Lift Face Cream
The Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask 30ml is described as being a ‘Miracle Mask’, which when applied, forms an elegant film that will tighten and smooth the skin. The tightening of the skin is due to the physical changes in the polymer structure of the polysaccharides as they dry on the skin. The smooth results are said to last for hours, and in some cases days.. without leaving the skin feeling tight or flaking. The Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Mask is totally safe and non-invasive, and is naturally derived. It also claims to physically lift sagging skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
The mask has a runny caramel like consistency and scent which feels quite sticky and similar to other peel off face masks I’ve tried. I use the spatula to scoop some mask onto the back of my hand and then smooth the mask over my face. After around five minutes, the sticky consistency begins to set which is a funny sensation as you can’t move your face or smile once it’s set. As the mask dries on the skin, you can instantly feel the skin tightening.
To remove the mask, I simply use a hot cloth to rinse it away and follow with the aforementioned Faith Lift Face Cream. My skin looks notably smoother, clearer and more radiant after each use, as well as looking a little more even. As I’m 26, I don’t have any lines or wrinkles *touch wood* so I can’t comment on how effective this mask and face cream are on treating them. However from looking online, there are some amazing photo’s to show before and after photo’s (here and here) which show some really significant results. What I do know is that this mask is so luxurious and offers instant results which I love using whenever my skin needs perking up.
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    This sounds so luxurious! The little jars are super pretty with the gold lid! These are way to expensive for me, but they sure sound like something worth trying once!

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    Sounds like a great mask x

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    I have lines and wrinkles so I’m intrigued haha! I do agree with you about the stickers on the front and I’m not really a fan of them, the products would look much more high end if they didn’t bother or if it was printed onto the bottle. The before and after photos online are pretty crazy if they’re legit!

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    Wow. Sounds an amazing mask. Nice review :-)

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