Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette

The first Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette which I bought was the Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette, and I’ve purchased all of my Morphe palettes from Beauty Chamber as they have an huge selection of their products, they have great customer service and the delivery is impressively fast. The Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette cost me just £22.95 and it contains 35 different eyeshadows. I’ve seen so many Youtubers feature Morphe Palettes on their channels and the pans always looked quite small, so I was really surprised when my palette arrived as the pans are actually pretty sizable which makes them even better value with each shade being a tiny 65 pence each which is just crazy.

Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette Morphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette

The palette itself is pretty basic, with the shadows being housed within a large black plastic palette which doesn’t contain mirror, which isn’t something that bothers me but it’s something to consider when purchasing their palettes. Even though the palette is quite large, it’s thin and lightweight so it’s easier to store and potentially travel with. The Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette contains an amazing selection of shades in warm, neutral and cool tones in a range of finishes. I did think that this palette would be quite cool in tone as the name 35T is 35 Taupe, but I’m actually really happy that it doesn’t lean too cool or too warm; it has the perfect mixture and you could create so many looks with this one palette.

Morphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette

I have swatched four random shades from each row to give you an idea of the pigmentation and range of finishes within the palette. There is not one disappointing shadow within this whole palette, and I am seriously blown away by the quality. I have no idea how they can create eyeshadows of this quality for such a low price, and there’s even duochrome finishes within the palettes – one of which is the first shade in the third photo; a stunning brown with a green shift. I cannot recommend this palette enough.. it’s such a fantastic palette, and it started my obsession with the Morphe Palettes. I can’t wait to feature the other Morphe Palettes I have, as they’re all as high quality as this palette…


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