5 Steps to Growing Long and Luscious Hair

Hair growth is a great indicator of overall health. Poor nutrition, stress, and hormonal imbalance can all contribute to hair loss. Hair growth is also often affected by heredity or other health issues, such as thyroid disorders or iron deficiency. Below are some of the most common ways to encourage hair growth and help prevent further hair loss.

5 Steps to Growing Long and Luscious Hair

Step 1. Eat a Nutrient-Rich Diet to help with hair growth

A diet with a healthy amount of nutrients can make hair grow faster and stronger. A diet that contains the right levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals is necessary for hair to grow. Hair also needs protein in order to stay strong. A balanced diet also helps improve scalp health, which helps the hair follicles stay healthier and produce new hair strands more quickly.

The body needs vitamins A, C, D, E, B-complex vitamins (especially B-6), calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc to produce collagen for healthy skin and hair. These nutrients are found in different foods such as vegetables, fruits and beans.

Step 2. Get Enough Sleep to help with hair growth

Adequate sleep is vital for a healthy life, and it is especially important to make sure that we are getting enough sleep to help with hair growth. The most common reasons for hair loss are: low iron, nutrient deficiencies, stress, aging, hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and medical conditions such as lupus or thyroid disease.

The most effective solution to stop hair loss is to get more sleep. New research has found that people who slept nine hours a night had significantly less hair fall than those who slept between six and seven hours a night.

5 Steps to Growing Long and Luscious Hair

Step 3. Shampoo Less Often to make your hair grow

We should shampoo our hair less often because we are getting more and more damaged every time we do it. Shampooing can also cause dryness, which leads to breakage.

Step 4. Avoid Products with Sulfates and Alcohols to encourage hair growth

Sulfates are chemicals typically found in shampoo, detergent, and dishwasher. Alcohols are alcohol-based ingredients that evaporate quickly. Both of these chemicals can cause hair to dry out.

As a result, the hair becomes brittle and weak and doesn’t grow as well. It is important to avoid using products with sulfates and alcohols so that your hair can do its best to grow long (and healthy), and there’s a lot of sulfate-free haircare to choose from.

5 Steps to Growing Long and Luscious Hair

Step 5. Drink Lots of Water to help with hair growth

Drinking water has many benefits. It can help with digestion, hydration, skin complexion and hair growth. It can help your locks look better than ever by boosting your body’s natural health and beauty defense systems.

We all know, drinking plenty of H2O is good for you in more ways than just quenching thirst! But did you know that there is some evidence to suggest that drinking enough water may contribute to healthy-looking hair?

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