6 Toxic Habits To Ditch in 2022

Whenever we start a new year, it’s always a great idea to make a few goals and resolutions for the year ahead, where you perhaps focus on what you want to do, want to start or want to achieve.

It’s also the perfect time to think about the things we want to give up, and traits we would like to stop in the year ahead. I’ve got 6 toxic habits to ditch in 2021, so keep on reading to find out more…

6 Toxic Habits To Ditch in 2021

6 Toxic Habits To Ditch in 2021

We all have habits or traits we wish we didn’t have, and some habits and traits can be more toxic and detrimental than others. You could start off with an unhealthy habit to begin with, but it can develop into a toxic trait which could then have a negative impact on your life. So here are six toxic habits you need to ditch this year, in order to have a happier, more fulfilled life…


We’ve all heard of the quote; comparison is the thief of joy, and whilst it’s very cringe, it’s so true too. Comparing oneself to others is just human nature, and we can’t help but compare our life, job or home to others, especially with social media.

You see people bragging about everything they have, but there’s never a mention of what’s missing from their lives. It’s easy to compare our lives to those we follow on social media, but social media is essentially a highlight reel where people only really share their best bits. Comparing yourself to others will only leave you feeling bad. Don’t let it hold you back, and steal your joy.

Forgetting The Past

We all make mistakes, and that’s what makes us human. Nobody has an unblemished past, and what’s in the past is exactly that, it’s in the past. Dwelling over things you did, or perhaps should have done won’t bring you joy. As hard as it is, you need to let the past go and focus on building your future.

6 Toxic Habits To Ditch in 2021

Ignoring Your Needs

With life being busy, it’s easy to forget to think about ourselves. We think about others and their needs, but we can’t run on empty. It’s important to listen to your body to see what you need.

If you’re feeling tired, sleep. If you’re feeling rundown, book some time off work. If you’re feeling rubbish, indulge in some self care. Once you look after yourself, you’ll be in a better position to look after others.

Unhealthy Habits

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to put my phone down. I’m using my phone until I’m literally falling asleep, and that’s really unhealthy behaviour. It’s important to think about our digital device usage, and experts recommend a digital detox in the hour leading up to you going to sleep.

When you wake up in the mornings, don’t just straight away jump on your social media apps. Instead give yourself to wake up properly, and enjoy being disconnected from digital devices.

Filter Your Follow List

Do you follow someone on social media which leaves you feeling inadequate or down when you see their posts? I think we are all guilty of doing this, and it’s just not productive or healthy to follow people that leave you feeling a bit rubbish.

If you don’t want to see a blogger unbox designer bag after designer bag as it makes you jealous, unfollow them. It’s important to follow people that make you feel good, and there’s no point following those that don’t as you want to feel good when scrolling through your favourite social media platforms.

Water Consumption

Whenever I read bloggers banging on about drinking eight glasses of water a day, I’d always end up eye rolling at the screen. I just couldn’t see how drinking water could be life changing, but I made a conscious effort in 2019 to drink more water, and two years on, I love water now.

It has made such a massive difference in my skin, and I feel better for it too. I now no longer drink anything with caffeine, and I feel a lot healthier for doing so.

I think 2021 should be a year when we’re all a bit kinder to ourselves. Life is tough, and we shouldn’t focus on the things we can’t do, as it’s not productive. Hopefully these 6 toxic habits to ditch in 2021 ideas inspire you to ditch a few toxic traits.

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