Beat the Monday Morning Blues & Get Motivated for the Week Ahead

The Monday blues are a common experience for most people. We all count down to the weekend during the week, and feel delighted once it’s finally here, but it’s easy to feel down about the looming Monday. It’s not a healthy mentality to spend your life stressing about the working days, and daydreaming about the weekend.

Beat the Monday Morning Blues & Get Motivated for the Week Ahead

It’s said to be related to the human’s biological need for sleep, so during the week we might be having less, quality sleep, and when we are tired, our cognitive function plummets, which has knock-on effects, of depression and fatigue, which then causes low productivity.

Tips for Overcoming Monday Morning Blues

It is normal to feel a sense of dread at the beginning of the week. You may be starting a new work schedule, or you might have just lost your job. The first few days of the week can be difficult as you try to figure out how to adjust, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Beat the Monday Morning Blues & Get Motivated for the Week Ahead

Here are some ways that you can overcome Monday morning blues and enjoy your week ahead:

Plan for work-life balance: Set limits for how much work and chores you can fit into each day, and stick to them. For example, set self-imposed deadlines for completing tasks and limiting social media use. It’s important we get our work done, but it’s important we have down-time too, so striking a balance between the two is key for getting through the week positively.

Take breaks throughout the day: Take short breaks during long-term projects or when feeling overwhelmed by work. This will allow you to get back on track and complete the task at hand.

Pour out your thoughts in a journal or blog post: If you feel stressed or down, try pouring your thoughts in to a journal, diary or a blog post if you’re a blogger. Even just talking about your feelings through writing or typing has such a cathartic effect, and it’ll help with focus.

Start your Monday morning with a workout: Monday is often a tough day because it’s the start of a new week. As the week goes by, so does your energy. It makes sense to try to get in a workout at the beginning of each week to boost your mood and give you something positive to look forward to each morning.

Unplug from work at the weekend: The weekend is meant to be a time of rest, decompression and rejuvenation after the week. But for some people, the weekend can feel like an endless cycle of work, work and more work. The feeling of relief on Monday is often replaced with frustration, as people feel they never had time to fully de-stress, so ensure you fully disconnect from work for a proper break at the weekends.

Monday is the start of the week, so it might seem like a difficult day. But it doesn’t have to be. A new start on a Monday is something you can feel good about, and it won’t be long until the next weekend comes along.

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