5 Must-Have Bedside Table Essentials Every Woman Needs

Bedside tables are one of those things that are probably a no-brainer for most people, but they’re often overlooked in modern homes. They’re a great way to keep your toiletries within reach while also giving you somewhere to put your phone, reading glasses, and your bedside table essentials.

Standard bedside tables are usually paired with a bed, but they can be used anywhere that has a surface to place them on. They can be used by themselves as small nightstands, or they can be paired with other bedside tables to create a larger space for everything you need. If you need some inspiration on which items you need in your bedside table, keep on reading.

5 Must-Have Bedside Table Essentials Every Woman Needs

What Is A Bedside Table?

A bedside table is an essential piece of furniture for any woman’s room. It is a convenient way to store and organize items in your bedroom, such as books, an alarm clock, tissues, a lamp, and medications. It also provides a place for your personal items such as jewelry, a glass of water, or your phone charger.

When positioned correctly, it can add a special touch to the decor of your bedroom, helping to tie the room together. Not to mention, it is great for placing any items you need to access easily and quickly.

A bedside table can also be used to display precious or decorative items such as family photos and trinkets. In essence, the bedroom becomes an all-in-one center for all your items. With the right design and features, a bedside table can help to make your bedroom more cozy and inviting.

Why Do You Need A Bedside Table?

There are many reasons why you might need a bedside table, or a nightstand drawer or three. For one, it can be very convenient to have all of the items that you need for your nightly routine within arm’s reach, each night before bed.

This way, you do not have to get out of bed to turn off your lamp or grab a book from the other side of the room.

Another reason to have a bedside table is because it can help to create a more organized and streamlined look in your bedroom. When all of your items are stored in one place, it can make your space look cleaner and less cluttered.

Must-Have Bedside Table Essentials Every Woman Needs

Lamp – lamp is an essential feature in every bedroom. Not only do they add a cozy atmosphere, but they also function as a source of light. It’s important to have a lamp in your bedroom because it helps alleviate the feeling of being in a dark room.

While a lamp isn’t going to solve the issue of not being able to see in the morning due to living in a dark city apartment, it will help you get ready in the morning and fall asleep at night. Having a lamp can also have other practical uses, like when studying or working at night.

You can find lamps with a USB charging unit within the base, which means you’ll have fewer wires cluttering up your bedside table, which is even better.

Hand Cream – I think every bedside table needs a hand cream (or two). They provide the perfect amount of hydration to your hands, even in the coldest winter months.

I’m pretty good at applying hand cream throughout the day, as my hands get super dry. If you struggle to remember to apply hand cream, or you just hate waiting around for your hand cream to absorb, night time is the perfect time to apply some.

You can apply it just before going to sleep, and you don’t have to worry about using technology with greasy hands, either. I like how therapeutic it feels to apply hand cream before bed, too.

Blue Light Glasses – if you spend time scrolling through your phone at night, or even your laptop, you might want to consider wearing a pair of blue light glasses before bed. Blue light glasses should be a nightstand essential, as blue light emitted from your technology devices can harm your sleep quality.

5 Must-Have Bedside Table Essentials Every Woman Needs

Lip Balm – this is a product I’m not great at remembering to use during the day, so I keep an intensive, rich lip balm, or a lip mask, in my bedside table to remind me to apply a generous layer before bed.

You can also use it to help repair any damage your lips may have sustained from over-exposure to the weather or other harsh conditions. You can also mix your lip balm with essential oils to create your own custom scent. It’ll help you to remember to apply your balm every single night, and they’re usually very small, which is ideal with such limited space within your bedside drawer unit.

Hair Ties – if you’re anything like me, you can’t sleep with your hair down. It just leaves me feeling so uncomfortable, so hair ties or a hair clip are essential nightstand essentials for me.

Jewelry Dish – Having somewhere to keep your jewelry on your bedside table is a great way to avoid getting tangled up in it.

A jewelry dish is a great option, especially if you have a lot of different pieces. You can also use it to keep your phone close at hand and to keep other things within reach, like keys and reading glasses. You can also use a jewelling dish to store your perfume bottles or small toiletries.

Diffuser – Diffusers are another great item to keep on your bedside table. They work like humidifiers, but they also help to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

You can use them in your bedroom or study to create a calming, warm atmosphere. They’re also a great way to relax after a long day and just take a moment to calm down and unwind.

Sleep Mask – (OK, six bedside essentials) I always thought sleep masks were pointless as I slept in the pitch black anyway, but now I can’t sleep without a sleep mask now.

I always fall asleep quicker wearing a mask compared to when I’m not, and they’re great for masking any lights from outside, and LED lights in the room from chargers etc., and also stop me getting distracted looking around my room, when it’s sleep time.

My sleep mask almost works as a switch, shutting off my brain and helping me to think about only sleeping. I like silk sleep masks the best, and like to keep a few in my bedside table, so I can use one every night.

Book – keep your bedtime reading material within your nightstand, and ensure you read every night, as part of your unwinding routine each night. It’ll help you to relax, and will help you drift off.

Lavender Oil – if you have issues with insomnia, or falling asleep in general, lavender oil is highly effective at helping you relax, and encourages deeper sleep, if you happen to be a light sleeper.

Bedside Table Essentials

There are a ton of things you can keep on your bedside table, but the most important thing is to have a space for everything. Bedside tables are a great way to give yourself a little extra space, so you can use it for everything in your life.

With a little planning, you can use your bedside table as an office space, store your essential items, and even create a calming space for you to unwind. Bedside tables are essential, so don’t forget to keep one stocked with these bedside table essentials.

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