Expert Winter Skincare Tips

The changing seasons can play havoc on your skin, and winter can be particularly taxing on the skin. I like to change up my skincare routine with the changing seasons, favouring lighter skincare formulas in the spring and summer, focusing on SPF based skincare.

Then when the temperatures begin to drop, I find myself reaching for the more hydrating, super nourishing skincare products in a bid to recoup any lost moisture.

Expert Winter Skincare Tips

You don’t have to make lots of changes with your skincare routine during the winter, but there are some things you can do, and easy swaps you can make to keep your skin looking its best this winter.

Speaking of easy, one of the simplest tips is just considering the temperature of your thermostat in your home. The warmer your central heating is, the more drying it is on the skin, and central heating is one of the biggest causes of depleted moisture in the skin during the winter. When skin becomes dry, it can become more sensitive, itchier and uncomfortable, so think about the heat of your home, and turn the thermostat down where possible to try and minimise the dryness.

I told you these tips were going to simple and easy, and my next of my expert winter skincare tips is all about moisturising. It might sound extremely obvious, but you shouldn’t skip your moisturisers during the winter. Your skin needs as much hydration as it can get in the cooler months, so opt for richer, more hydrating moisturisers to prevent your skin from becoming even more dry. This is the case for the body too, so try and be diligent with your body lotions to keep your body moisturised too.

Expert Winter Skincare Tips

My next of my expert winter skincare tips is investing in a humidifier. Do you wake up in the mornings with your face feeling tight or uncomfortable? A  humidifier could be the answer to your problems. Humidifiers help by adding moisture into the air, which then prevents the skin from becoming too dry. It also helps with dryness of the nose, throat, lips and body, as well as helping to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by colds too.

If you have dry skin on your body, try introducing a body scrub in your beauty routine. I like to use more hydrating sugar scrubs, as they tend to effectively slough away dead skin cells and dry patches from the skin, and are usually rich in oils which in turn will leave your skin hydrated and softened post-scrub. Once you step out of the shower or bath, apply a light layer of body lotion to add even more hydration into the skin, and the skin will be left feeling so much more comfortable and smooth.

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