Garden Room Offices – The New Must-Haves

The pandemic has made all of us change our day-to-day lives in one way or another, with working from home becoming a new normal. For some it has been blissful, avoiding long commutes and leisurely lounging in comfy clothes whilst popping off emails. For others, it has been a nightmare, with cramped working spaces and workstations in bedrooms. It is for these struggling souls that a garden office can be life-changing, allowing you to work from home with ease, comfort, and safety. 

So, why is a garden room office so good? There are so many reasons why a garden room office will enhance your life, but we have narrowed it down to our top reasons…

Garden Room Offices – The New Must-Haves

Avoid Fuel Shortages

Let’s start topical and go straight in the deep end with avoiding all the delays you face with a commute to work. Whether it is the fuel shortages we find ourselves dealing with currently, or daily changes to our work routes due to accidents, roadworks, or bad weather, you can avoid it all by working at home. A garden office gives you a simple commute, and you can even stop for a coffee on your way in as you walk the handful of metres from your kitchen to your garden office!

Tailor your Space

You may need a variety of different screens, files, or products around you whilst you work, and having a garden office gives you the space you need to spread yourself out and get stuck in. Previously, Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have built garden rooms for financial advisors which need multiple computer screens, and small business owners who need to create their products and organise their accounts from home. Separating your work life from your home life is a healthy choice too, so not only will you be happier, but it will also make your life healthier. 

Garden Room Offices – The New Must-Haves

Office to Anything!

A good garden room will be built to last, so when you decide to stop working you can easily change your garden room office to suit a different purpose. Commonly, a garden room can be used as an annexe that relatives or friends can use when visiting your home. Equally, rent it out as an Airbnb and make a passive income after you have stopped working! You can design your garden room to have as many rooms as you like, including any toilets or bathrooms. 

Most importantly, a garden room office can give you freedom. Freedom to choose how and where you want to work, with comfort and style that is bespoke to you! Whilst they can seem costly, renting it out can be an easy way to make back the cost, and a garden room can add substantial value to your property too. So, what are you waiting for?! 

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