Handy Time Management Tips

Life can be very busy, and it can feel like time flies by, and you’re left with a to-do list as long as your arm. With a new year being almost upon us, if you have any plans for any new year’s resolutions to improve your time management during 2021, I am going to be sharing a selection of tips to help you improve your time management.

Handy Time Management Tips

Now many of us are having to work from home, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re on top of your time management. I know that working from home can carry a lot of distractions as you’re not in your usual working environment, but there are things you can do in order to stay focused and in control of your day.

Planning Ahead – if you don’t already use a diary or planner, now’s the perfect time to start. I like to use my planner to jot down all of the things I need to do, as well as those I want to do. It also helps to stay focused as you can see the week or month ahead.

You can use a to-do list, and organise your tasks by categorising them into different urgencies; urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important and then neither urgent or important, which will ensure you complete the most urgent and important tasks.

Wake Up Early – the early bird catches the worm and all that, but waking up earlier can really improve your mood and give you a positive start to the day. If I start work early, I find myself being a lot more productive for the rest of the day, and you don’t feel like you’re playing catch up all day either.

Handy Time Management Tips

Utilise Software – if you struggle with time management and don’t find yourself keeping focused when using diaries or planners, there are lots of different software applications out there to make life a little easier. I personally love using Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Drive for keeping me on track, and it’s completely free which is even better.

Delgate – you can’t do everything, and it’s important to remember that. If there’s anything on your to-do list which you can delegate or outsource, do it! It’ll reduce your workload, and allow you to concentrate on the most important tasks on your to-do list.

Block Distractions – my next top time management tip is blocking your distractions. If you have notifications turned on your phone, tablet or laptop, they’re very distracting so switch your phone onto airplane mode so ensure you won’t be distracted, and you can do the same on your desktop too.

Time management is essential for optimum productivity, and hopefully these time management tips will be helpful.

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