Healthy Habits To Bring You More Joy

I’ve talked about the importance of self care quite a few times recently, but with the world being so crazy right now, it really is imperative that we’re all a little kinder to ourselves.

That could involve some pampering self care sessions, or just trying to be less hard on yourself in general. If you’d like to have a little more happiness in your life, I’ve got a collection of healthy habits to bring you more joy, and ways to look after your mental health.

Healthy Habits To Bring You More Joy

Healthy Habits To Bring You More Joy

Exercise – It isn’t necessarily joyful in itself, but experts have found that regular exercise can help to reduce stress levels, minimise anxiety and depression symptoms, and also help to boost your self-esteem and happiness.

I know exercise isn’t the easiest right now, with gyms and leisure facilities being closed. However, YouTube has hundreds of thousands of workout videos, yoga videos and pretty much a video on absolutely every form of exercise possible. I’m not talking doing tens of push-ups, but even gentle stretches will still give your mind and body a much-needed boost.

Sleep – the importance of sleep is talked about at length, and for good reason. A lack of sleep can negatively impact your mind, your body, and some studies have shown it can even affect the length of your life. I suffer from insomnia myself, but it’s amazing how good I feel once I’ve managed a full night’s sleep.

Meditation – It’s not for everyone I know, but meditation is said to have many health benefits. Meditation can help you manage stressful situations better, increase patience and tolerance, improve your memory, boost concentration levels, reduce stress levels and blood pressure, promotes self love and many more benefits.

There are lots of phone apps that help you to learn and practice meditation, and mindfulness is also beneficial if you don’t want to try meditation.

Colouring – I discovered adult colouring books a few years ago, and I cannot praise them enough. I’ve always enjoyed colouring and stationery, but adult colouring books are so therapeutic and really help you to zone out for an hour or so, and take you to somewhere else mentally whilst concentrating on your design.

You can get some really pretty adult colouring books, and I love using Staedtler Fine Liners as the ink doesn’t transfer to the other pages.

Declutter – If I’m feeling particularly stressed, I always try and have a declutter of some sort. It could be my skincare, my makeup, my shoes or my clothes, but sorting through and deciding to get rid of items really helps to boost my mood. It just feels proactive and productive, and I always feel great post-declutter.

Journaling – journaling is known to have multiple benefits. Not only does journaling help to keep you organised, but it can really help your mental health too.

Using a journal, bullet journal or diary can help to organise your thoughts, help you stay focused, help you to achieve goals, reduce stress levels, keeps your memory sharp and even strengthens emotional functions. It’s also fun to keep a journal, but it’s great that it can help in many ways too.

I hope you find these healthy habits to bring you more joy helpful.

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