How To Feel Confident In Any Outfit

It can be a nightmare trying to decide what to wear each morning. You can end up sifting through all of your clothes, and be left feeling uninspired. Capsule wardrobes are thought to be particularly useful in that instance.

As you’re able to put together a selection of go-to outfits you can reach for, and know they’re going to look good. We all have times when we love an outfit, but we just don’t love how we look in the outfit, so let’s look at some tips on how we can feel confident in any outfit.

How To Feel Confident In Any Outfit

Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

There might be outfits or fashion pieces you’ve wanted to wear, but didn’t as you were worried what other people would think. Life really is too short to worry what other people may or may not be thinking.

Does it really matter what other people think? It really doesn’t, and your happiness and comfort is way more important, so wear whatever you want, wherever you want, and it’ll feel liberating to shake off that worry.

Choose Well Fitting Underwear

You could be wearing the most beautiful, well fitting dress in the world, but if you’re not wearing a well fitted bra underneath, it can really affect how smooth the dress will hang on the body.

Bras that are too tight can lead to bulges and lines which will be visible through your clothing, and equally, bras which are too big, can mean you’re not getting enough support; both of which can affect your confidence. Depending on what you’re wearing, you could consider No-VPL underwear too, for a smooth and uniform look underneath your clothes.

Work With Your Body Shape

We all have parts of our body we feel less confident about, but we all have favourite features too. Women’s clothing can be seen as being an extension of our personality, and they can have a big impact on how confident we feel.

Wearing the *right* clothes can boost our confidence, so opt for clothes that work with your own personal body shape, allowing you to emphasise your best features.

How To Feel Confident In Any Outfit

Choose Fabrics You Love

If we look good, we feel good, so it’s important to opt for fashion pieces in colours and fabrics we love. If you’re uncomfortable in an outfit, you’re just not going to radiate confidence.

Clothing made with synthetic fibres can be more uncomfortable, so consider dresses for women in more comfortable fabrics like cotton, which is known for its breathability, softness and weightlessness.

Consider Your Accessories

When deciding what to wear each morning, always consider which accessories you want to wear. There are many different fashion accessories that can help boost your confidence, and will help in making you feel more put together.

It could be a simple necklace, or bolder pieces like statement earrings or a handbag. Your accessories are your finishing touches, and they can work wonders on making you feel good.

How To Feel Confident In Any Outfit

Invest In Wardrobe Staples

Is there a specific style of jeans that flatter your body shape more than any other? This is where a capsule wardrobe can be useful, as you can invest in a selection of wardrobe staples that ‘work’, which can be the base garment for any outfit, such as black skinny jeans, a tailored blazer, a leather jacket or a pair of confidence-boosting heels.

By investing in the staples you’re getting to get a lot of use from, you’ll feel more confident as you know they work, and look good. Items, like jeans, really are a case of you get what you pay for. Nobody likes skinny jeans which sag at the knee after only a couple of hours.

So, it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of pairs of feel-good, comfortable and versatile jeans. Not only will they boost your confidence, but it’ll make choosing your outfit each morning a little easier, as you know they’re going to look good also. It’s amazing how much of a confidence boost a nice outfit can have. It’s easy to feel better when you’re dressed well, and as a result your mood will improve too.

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