How to Fix A Cracked Phone Screen With Nail Polish

With a little bit of nail polish and some patience, you can fix your cracked phone screen yourself. Yes, that’s right – nail polish.

This may seem like an unconventional solution, but it has been tried and tested by many individuals who have successfully repaired their screens using this method.

Not only is it cost-effective, but it also saves you time and hassle. So, how to fix a cracked phone screen with nail polish?

How to Fix A Cracked Phone Screen With Nail Polish

Gather Necessary Materials

Make sure you have some clear nail polish on hand. If you don’t, there are a few alternatives you can try, such as superglue or toothpaste.

However, keep in mind that these may not work as well and could potentially cause further damage to your phone.

Once you have your chosen material ready, gather some safety precautions too. You’ll want to protect yourself from any fumes or chemicals that may be released during the repair process. So make sure you have gloves and a face mask handy before starting.

Lastly, be sure to set up your workspace in a clean and well-lit area. It’s crucial that there be no dust or debris around while fixing your phone screen because it can easily get trapped under the nail polish and affect its adhesion.

Clean the Screen

You want to start by wiping away any dust or grime from the surface of your shattered phone screen, just like sweeping off cobwebs before entering a long-abandoned house.

Use a microfiber cloth and be gentle with the cleaning process. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Screen protection: Avoid using harsh materials that can scratch or damage the screen further. Instead, opt for a soft cloth that’s specifically designed for cleaning electronic devices.

2. Removing fingerprints: Fingerprints can make it harder to see the cracks on your phone screen, as well as add an extra layer of grime. To remove fingerprints, use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar and wipe the screen gently.

3. Preventing further damage: Before applying nail polish to your cracked screen, you need to ensure that it’s clean and free from any debris or dirt that could interfere with adhesion.

4. Covering small scratches: If there are only minor scratches on your phone screen, you might be able to cover them up with clear nail polish.

How to Fix A Cracked Phone Screen With Nail Polish

It’s time to give your phone screen a new look with a little DIY magic and some nail polish.

First, choose the color of nail polish you want to use – remember, this is a chance to get creative. You can go for classic colors like black or white, or try something more daring like neon green or glittery silver.

Now that you have your chosen light color(s), it’s time to apply them to your cracked screen.

Be sure to shake the bottle well before opening it and using a cotton swab, carefully apply the polish to each crack on your screen.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes – just wait for the first layer of polish to dry before applying another layer until you’re satisfied with the coverage.

Let the Nail Polish Dry

It’s important to note that allowing the nail polish to fully dry is crucial for achieving a smooth and even finish.

Rushing this step could result in smudging or uneven patches on your phone screen, which would only make the crack stand out more.

To ensure that your phone screen looks flawless, give the nail polish at least an hour to dry completely.

If you’re worried about accidentally touching or bumping your phone during this time, consider placing it in a safe spot where it can’t be disturbed.

Alternatively, there are other methods you can use to speed up the drying process, such as using a hair dryer on low heat from a safe distance.

While applying nail polish may seem like an easy fix for cracked screens, it’s important to keep in mind that there are alternative methods available if this one doesn’t work for you.

There are potential risks involved with using nail polish on electronic devices – such as causing damage or voiding warranties – so proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Test the Screen

Before you turn on your phone, make sure that there are no visible cracks or bubbles on the surface of your nail polish. If everything looks good, go ahead and press the power button to turn on your screen.

However, if you notice any glitches or malfunctions with your device, it may be time for a more extensive repair. Don’t worry though – there are many options available for screen replacement and professional repair.

Remember that fixing a cracked phone screen with nail polish is just a temporary solution. While it may save you some money in the short term, it’s important to consider long-term solutions for maintaining the health of your device.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Looking to ensure your phone’s longevity and functionality?¬†While nail polish may be a quick fix for a cracked screen, it’s not a long-term solution.

In fact, using nail polish could potentially damage your phone even further. It’s important to consider repair alternatives or professional services before attempting any DIY fixes.

If you’re looking for a more permanent fix, there are many reputable repair services that can replace your cracked screen with genuine parts.

Although this may come at an additional cost, it’ll save you from potential complications down the line. Attempting to fix your phone on your own could lead to irreversible damage and ultimately cost you more in the long run.

There are also preventative measures you can take to avoid cracks in the first place. Investing in a protective case or screen protector can go a long way in keeping your device safe from drops and scratches.

Is Nail Polish a Permanent Fix for A Cracked Phone Screen?

Is Nail Polish a Permanent Fix for A Cracked Phone Screen?

Did you know that nearly 50% of smartphone users have cracked their phone screens at some point? It’s a frustrating and expensive problem to deal with, but is nail polish really the solution?

While it may hold up for a short time, nail polish is not a permanent fix for a cracked phone screen. In fact, it can actually make the problem worse by spreading the crack or damaging the screen further.

What are some alternative DIY solutions for cracked screens? Some people have had success using clear tape or even toothpaste to fill in small cracks. However, these methods are also temporary fixes and may not work on all types of screens.

How Many Layers of Nail Polish Should I Apply?

When it comes to applying nail polish on a cracked phone screen, the number of layers you need to apply depends on the severity of the crack.

Generally, it’s recommended that you apply at least two or three thin layers of nail polish.

This will ensure that the crack is properly covered and sealed. It’s important to let each layer dry completely before adding another one to avoid smudging or clumping.

The application process may take some time, but with patience and attention to detail, you can achieve a smooth and even finish. Remember to give your phone enough drying time before using it again.

Will Applying Nail Polish Affect the Touch Screen Functionality?

If you’re considering using nail polish to fix your cracked phone screen, you may be wondering if it will affect the broken screen functionality.

The truth is, applying nail polish to your phone screen can actually impact its durability and make it more prone to scratches and cracks in the future.

Instead of risking further damage by using a non-specialized solution like nail polish, consider alternative solutions such as taking your phone to a professional repair shop or purchasing a screen protector.

Can I Remove the Nail Polish if I Want to Get My Screen Professionally Repaired Later?

The good news is, there are options for removing the nail polish from your screen.

One precaution to take when using nail polish on your phone screen is to make sure it doesn’t get into any ports or openings.

To remove the nail polish, you can try using acetone or rubbing alcohol. Just be careful not to damage the screen further by scrubbing too hard or using too much liquid.

Can Super Glue Fix Screen Cracks On Your Broken Phone Screen?

Superglue can be a great solution for fixing minor cracks and chips in your phone screen, as long as the damage is not too extensive.

Remember that even though superglue may work, it does not provide structural support. Therefore, if the crack on your phone screen is severe enough that there are gaping holes or chunks missing from the display, then it will not be able to do much.

However, if you have recently cracked your phone screen and only have superficial scratches or light cracks, then using a bit of superglue could help fix them up quickly and cheaply.

When using superglue on your broken phone screen, it is essential to exercise caution since you do not want to cause further damage by spilling any of the liquid onto other parts of the device.

When applying the superglue make sure to use a toothpick or another small object so that you can apply just enough product without overdoing it and having excess seep out beneath the edges of where you intended it to go.

The thicker consistency of most types of superglues means that they may take some time before hardening completely.

So, once applied leave the phone alone for at least twenty-four hours so that everything has time to properly set in place.


Fixing a cracked phone screen with nail polish is possible. However, it’s important to proceed with caution when attempting this at-home repair job.

Not only can using nail polish result in further damage to your device, but it also isn’t a permanent solution and may not even work for all types of screens.

It’s best to consider other options such as taking your phone to a professional repair shop or investing in a protective case before attempting DIY solutions like nail polish.

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