How To Set Powerful Intentions During A New Moon

A new moon is the first phase in a lunar cycle. The new moon is when the sun, earth and moon are aligned and there is no visible lunar surface. New Moons happen one to three times a month on average. The term “new moon” comes from an ancient name for the first visible crescent of each month.

How To Set Powerful Intentions During A New Moon

Why is a New Moon an Ideal Time to Set Intentions?

New moons provide us a chance to set intentions, clear the slate and start anew. The time when the moon is between its old cycle and its new cycle is known as the dark moon phase. It takes place every time there is a new moon, when there is a solar eclipse or during a lunar eclipse.

The New Moon energy helps us to focus on what we want for ourselves in the coming month or days ahead. To be successful, it’s important that we have clarity of intent and avoid distraction at all costs.

How to Prepare for Your New Moon Ritual?

Some new moon rituals involve a solitary ritual, but many of these rituals are done in a group setting. This is because the new moon’s energy is much more powerful when it is shared with others.

The best way to prepare for your new moon ritual is to first determine what you want the energy to focus on. For example, if you want to shift into a state of feeling more grounded and calm, then you might want to plan your ritual around grounding exercises or meditation. If you are looking for an emotional release, then try journaling or some light abreactions.

How To Set Powerful Intentions During A New Moon

How To Perform a Ritual During A New Moon?

On a new moon, take some time to reflect on your goals for the next month. What are you hoping to achieve? What’s stopping you from achieving these goals? How will this ritual help get the ball rolling?

Afterwards, take out any object that symbolizes your intention or goal. Hold it in your hands and meditate on what it means to you, what it represents.

It may be something as simple as a photo of yourself or a specific word written on paper. Finally, light an incense stick or candle and gently blow out the flame while whispering, “I release my old self.”

Prayers and Invocations That Will Help You Set Powerful Intentions for the New Moon

In our spiritual practices, we invoke higher forces to help us manifest a new intention in our lives. Throughout the year, we have opportunities to work with intent. For instance, when we set intentions at the New Moon or at the time of a Solar Eclipse.

It is always important to include prayer and invocation when setting an intention because it helps amplify your energy and focus your attention on what you want to create in your life.

Prayers and invocations are powerful tools for creating change not just for ourselves, but also for others. You can check when the next new moons are, so you can plan ahead, and prepare yourself to welcome the new moon.

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