Ideas For The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things to think of. Obviously, you have the big things like a wedding venue, a photographer and the honeymoon, however there are other traditions to consider, such as gifting presents to your bridesmaids.

It’s common practice for the bride to give a gift to each of her bridesmaids. They tend to be small, sentimental tokens, to show appreciation or thankfulness for the help they’ve given you with preparations for the wedding, and the wedding day itself. Similarly, the groom traditionally gives gifts to each of his grooms men too, for the same reason.

Ideas For The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

The Importance of Giving a Gift to Your Bridesmaids

When you are asked to be a bridesmaid, you are being trusted with a big responsibility, and the bride is showing you how much you mean to her.

It’s likely the bridesmaids will be involved in the wedding planning, and it’s the job of the bridesmaid to ensure the bride has everything she needs on her big day. Bridesmaid gifts don’t need to be expensive or flashy, just a token gesture to show how appreciative you are of their help for your wedding.

Budget Friendly Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You really don’t need to spend a lot on your bridesmaids gifts, as a personalised token gift can be tailored to fit the interests or personality of each bridesmaid, and it shows how much you care.

You could find a photo of yourself with a bridesmaid, and have it printed out and placed in a special frame, a personalised necklace engraved with their horoscope sign, or initial, or even a piece of birthstone jewellery. If they love coffee, perhaps you could gift a cute coffee mug filled with a gift card for their favourite coffee shop, or a box full of their favourite beauty products.

Ideas For The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Luxury Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

One of the most popular bridesmaids gifts, is a scented candle. Some brides choose their favourite candle brand or candle scent, and choose to ‘scent’ their wedding like Jo Malone, with the candles being placed both in the church or place you’re getting married, and having the same candle scent being placed around your reception venue.

You could consider gifting one of those candles as a gift to your bridesmaid, and whenever she lights it, it’ll instantly transport her back to your special day.

Ideas For The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Many brides like to buy each of their bridesmaids their favourite perfume, as it’s a personal gift you know they already love, so gifting them their signature scent again shows how much you care. You could always treat them to a voucher for their favourite retailer to buy their own perfume, but if you already know what they love, it’s an easy gift decision to make.

Jewellery is always a beautiful gift idea for every occasion. You could opt for a piece of personalised, engraved jewellery like a necklace with a pendant featuring an engraved message on the underside, or a piece of jewellery for all of you to have, so you can all wear it and remember the special day.

It’s your day, but the bride is not alone in planning the big day, so don’t forget to choose something special for each of your bridesmaids to thank them for all of their help running up to the wedding, and of course, the big day itself. There are plenty of lovely gift ideas for your bridesmaid that she / they are sure to love.

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