Teleworking: 6 Jobs You Do Not Know Are Done From Home

The current situation requires us to stay home, but not inactive. So check out these six jobs that are suitable for teleworking:

Some jobs obviously can be done from home; however, some others may not be so well known that they can be done remotely. As more and more companies improve the productivity of their employees by offering teleworking (as well as reducing their own costs), some traditional office jobs are becoming virtual for the first time. Are you eligible for one of these?

Teleworking: 6 Jobs You Do Not Know Are Done From Home

If you are looking for a teleworking job or in a virtual office environment, first make sure that you are a good candidate for this job. It is a dream come true for many, but for others, it is just a daily challenge. You need excellent time management skills, not to be prone to procrastination, and the proper technical means to not let malfunctions slow you down. If this sounds like it, check out these jobs that are suitable for teleworking:

Customer service representative

You probably have a reasonably complete idea of ​​what a “call centre” looks like, and you can probably imagine it with many offices and tens or hundreds of employees. However, this is usually not a prerequisite. Many virtual customer service positions can easily be made from home, as is the case today due to the virus. However, you will need a quiet environment to do this job, and you are not going to do more or less at home than you would at work.


Numbers and calculations are primarily individual tasks, and most accountants need calm and serenity to operate efficiently. There may be times when you need to work with a company manager or CEO, but these appointments can easily be made via virtual chat, phone or video chat. Whether you are a freelancer or a full-time employee at a large company, you may be able to work from home.


There are theoretically endless engineering specialities, but you can work alone from home in many cases (such as software engineering). You have probably already called your colleagues and boss in the chat for quick questions. In addition, since many engineers work shifts or odd hours, why not consider a career that allows you to work from home with your own schedule?

Teleworking: 6 Jobs You Do Not Know Are Done From Home

Content Editors

Whether it is producing content for multiple websites or a single company, editors often work independently. They want to create their own writing space, and some of them work best when they work weird hours. If you need to consult a senior, e.g. Your editor can easily do this by email, phone or other virtual chat. Often there is no reason to require the physical presence of an author in the office.

Virtual Teaching

Finally, e-schools have lost their bad reputation in the past, and most people accept online courses as a reliable means of teaching. Whether you want to work for a school or offer your own teaching services, or do primarily via skype, you can do most sessions online. You can even wear the bottom of your pyjamas under a formal blouse, and your students will not get news. Why move, spend money and increase environmental pollution when you can earn the same money from the comfort of your own home?

Voice Acting

The profession of voice acting has been around for decades. Now with the rise of technology, a voice actor can record his parts from the comfort of his home, having the right equipment to record and process his material. One now has the opportunity to work from home without necessarily being in a professional recording studio. This helps to create new jobs as well as total employment. If voice acting sounds interesting to you, then you too can join this incredible team of voice actors of voice agency Voquent, which offers you incredible opportunities for development and career.

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