The Benefits Of Using a Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets have become super popular in the last couple of years, thanks to their ability to offer many different benefits. You may have seen a lot of people mention weighted blankets, but what are they? Why are they popular, and why do you need one in your life? Keep on reading to find out more…

The Benefits Of Using a Weighted Blanket

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that has been filled with the correct amount of weight for it to provide a sense of security and comfort. It is often recommended for people with sensory needs, anxiety, or autism.

A weighted blanket is usually made up of two layers of fabric which are sewn together around the edges. The inside layer typically consists of quilting cotton, while the outside layer is a durable fabric.

Inside this durable fabric are pockets that have been filled with poly pellets or sand-like material so that they can have the correct weight distribution for each individual user’s needs. The pockets usually range from three to ten pounds each, depending on how heavy someone wants their weighted blanket to be and what materials were used in its construction.

Who Developed The Weighted Blanket Concept?

The concept behind a weighted blanket was originally developed by Dr. Temple in the early 2000s. Her research found that deep pressure touch stimulation provided relief for people with autism, sensory processing disorder, panic disorders, and other conditions.

The Benefits Of Using a Weighted Blanket

What Are The Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that has heavy pellets or beads sewn in to it. This weight makes it easier to relax and sleep. It can be used for people of any age, but it is most commonly used on children with sensory processing disorders. Weighted blankets are beneficial because they can help a person calm down while providing sensory input.

The benefits of using a weighted blanket are mainly the calming effect and the sensory input it provides. Weighted blankets can be beneficial to adults and children alike, but they are mainly used for people with sensory processing disorders due to their calming effects and ability to provide tactile input that some people may need because of their disorder.

People who suffer from insomnia, anxiety or restless leg syndrome can benefit from the use of a weighted blanket for these reasons. In addition, a weighted blanket is good for people with autism, Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

A weighted blanket provides the user with deep pressure touch stimulation, which has been known to aid in relaxation and sleep. A person’s own bodyweight is generally not enough to provide this effect; therefore, an external weight is needed.

What Kind of Weighted Blanket Do You Need?

The first thing to think about is the size of the blanket. Weighted blankets come in small, medium and large sizes depending on how much weight you need to reduce your stress levels.

  • Over-sized blanket: This blanket is larger than a standard bed sheet and usually weighs between 10 pounds to 25 pounds. It is usually used by people who have problems with their circulation or arthritis.
  • Throw blanket: This type of weighted blanket is smaller than an over-sized one, which makes it perfect for travel or on the couch during a movie night. It weighs no more than 5 pounds and is mainly used by people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety disorders.
  • Lap pad: This type of weighted blanket is designed to cover your lap while you read, eat, watch TV, or work on any other activity that

Weighted Blankets vary in price, and the price is usually tiered depending on the weight of the blanket you’re looking for. You can find more affordable options on Amazon, but there are some more luxury options from brands such as Eve, and you can get a multitude of different materials for your weighted blankets, so you’ll be able to find your perfect blanket.

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