Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glasses

Wearing false eyelashes can be liberating and fun, but it’s also a bit of a learning curve. If you wear glasses, there are some extra steps to consider when applying fake lashes.

You need to make sure that your lenses will still fit over them without touching the adhesive or getting caught on any stray hairs. That means choosing the right kind of adhesive and picking lashes that won’t interfere with your vision or get stuck in your frames.

Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glasses

Use a Lash Adhesive Formulated for People with Sensitive Eyes

If you’re prone to getting lash glue in your eyes, you may want to choose a formula that’s made specifically for sensitive skin. This can help minimize irritation and discomfort. Here are some tips on how to apply lash adhesive:

  • Make sure the lashes are completely clean and dry before applying the adhesive.
  • Apply a small amount of lash glue on each individual lash strip. Covering the entire surface area with just enough so that it’s sticky but not dripping off. You should feel like you have plenty of time to position them properly before they start drying out.
  • Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. This will allow for stronger adhesion during application and make it easier for your lashes to stay on through showering or swimming.

Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glasses

Apply False Eyelashes when Your Lenses Aren’t In

If you are wearing your lenses and want to wear lashes, don’t worry. You can. Just be careful when applying them if you do. If you have an issue with the adhesive not sticking. Ensure you use a high quality lash glue. Lash glue is specially formulated to stick on your lashes and stay there all day long, regardless of what else happens around it. That includes sweat and tears or rain.

Choose Lashes with Shorter Lengths Toward the End of Your Eye

If you have short lashes or have trouble applying falsies. Choose lashes with shorter lengths toward the end of your eye. This will make it easier to apply and also reduce the amount of mascara you need to use. Plus, a cat eyelash is more flattering, and will give an elongated effect to the eyes.

The less mascara that is applied, the less likely it is that your falsies will come off when wearing glasses. Falsies with short lengths also give a more subtle lash effect than those with long lengths. So if you want only a subtle look, this might be better for you.

Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glasses

Consider Your Frame Style Before Picking a Lash Style

Before you can decide on a lash style, you have to consider your frame. The right lashes can enhance the look of your makeup, while others may make it look strange or off-putting.

If you have a large square face, for example, lash styles that are too long or short will only accentuate this fact and make your eyes look even smaller than they already are in comparison to the rest of your face. Conversely, if you have an oval face shape (which is considered flattering by most people), then lashes that are too thick may add more bulk than needed.

If after considering these factors—and perhaps asking for some advice from a friend or family member who knows about makeup—you still don’t know which style would work best for you, try wearing different ones over time until one sticks out as being just right.

You Can Also Cut Lashes to Fit Your Natural Eye Shape

Don’t worry, this is a really simple step. You can buy lashes in different sizes, so you can find ones that fit your eyes best. If you are lucky enough to have a lash store nearby (like I do), it’s even easier!

If you’re buying online, I recommend checking out the reviews and looking at other peoples’ pictures of their lash application. Some people might not mention their eye shape, but if they show an image of the results after applying them on themselves or someone else, then it’s easier to tell what size would work best for your own eye shape.

Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glasses


We hope that these tips help you feel more confident in your lash choice and application. Remember, the most important thing is to choose lashes that look good on you.

If they’re uncomfortable or don’t fit well, they won’t work. So take your time and have fun experimenting with different styles until you find what works best for your face shape and eye color.

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