Top Self Care Tips For Autumn

Top Self Care Tips For Autumn

Top Self Care Tips For Autumn

As of last week, we are now officially in Autumn, and I don’t know about you, but I like to switch up my beauty routines with the changing of the seasons. The temperatures have definitely dropped in the last few weeks, and we need a little more self care, so I wanted to share some top self care tips for Autumn.

Top Self Care Tips For Autumn

Dry Brushing

Whenever I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I always see pins promoting the benefits of dry brushing. I only recently started trying the dry brushing ritual myself, and once you find your perfect dry brush, it’s actually a really nice part of my self care routine.

Dry brushing is said to be beneficial for both the skin and body. Dry brushing is the process of using a stiff bristled brush to ‘brush’ dry skin, to manually exfoliate the skin, but it’s also said to be beneficial for lymphatic drainage too.

There’s many different dry brushes available with bristles such as boar bristles, goat hair, sisal and coconut bristles. I have super sensitive skin, so I prefer my dry brush not to be too stiff otherwise it just inflames my skin.

You can dry brush absolutely everywhere apart from the face, and dry brushing can energise the body, increase both circulation and blood flow, sweep away dead skin cells and even out lumps and bumps under the skin such as cellulite.

top self care tips for Autumn

Treat The Feet

The next of my top self care tips for Autumn is for the feet. If you’ve spent the summer in sandals or flip flops, your feet will appreciate some TLC.

One of my favourite things to do whenever I am in need of some self care, is applying a super rich foot cream to my feet and then popping on a pair of fluffy socks overnight. It always transforms my feet overnight, and leaves my feet looking and feeling so much softer, smoother and pampered.

top self care tips for Autumn

Care For The Skin

I have really sensitive skin, which can become easily inflamed, so I have to always ensure I’m using high quality cleaning products, and skincare products to reduce the risk of any unwanted skin flare-ups.

Laundryheap is a godsend for those with a busy life as they are an on-demand laundry service – think Uber for laundry for Lonon, Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry.

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You can book via their website or mobile app, and they’re the only major on-demand laundry company that offers same-day collection and delivery within 24 hours as a standard service, which is amazing.

They offer different services such as laundry, wash and iron, dry cleaning, ironing and even bulkier home items like duvets – which we all know are a nightmare to wash and dry.

 They also work with the environment in mind, without using harsh chemicals. They even give you the option of bio and non-bio detergent, meaning you can choose whichever option is going to work best for you and your skin.

I hope you found these top self care tips for Autumn helpful, and they’ve inspired you to pamper and treat yourself over the coming weeks.

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