Top Tips For Applying Self Tan

Now summer is finally here, many of us are reaching for self tanning products to achieve a natural, faux glow without exposing the skin to harmful rays. Self-tanning products are a proven way to get a radiant and healthy looking skin without the hassle of applying makeup, so I’ve got some top tips for applying self tan.

Top Tips For Applying Self Tan

What Is Self Tan?

Self tanning is a process that alters the colour of the skin by promoting the production of melanin. In this process, a chemical agent, which is called a melanostatic agent or erythemogenic agent, stimulates skin cells to produce more melanin.

There are many methods of achieving a self tan effect, such a sunless tanning lotions, creams, gels, oils or spray, as well as cosmetics. Self tanning products are classified by their active ingredients and how they work on the skin, which includes physical sunblocks, bronzers, erythematics or irritants.

What Are The Benefits of Self Tan?

When we get tanned, melanin is triggered to protect the skin cells from damage from UV rays. The pigment in the tanning agents binds with the amino acid tyrosine in the dead skin cells to create a protective layer. The darkening of these cells makes our skin look more radiant and healthy.

Self-tanning products use different formulas that contain natural or synthetic tanning ingredients. When applied on the skin, they create a temporary colour change that is often darker than one’s natural pigmentation and can last anywhere from one to four days depending on how much you exfoliate.

Top Tips For Applying Self Tan

Top Tips For Applying Self Tan

Self-tanning products are a great way to get a natural, golden glow. But you’ve got to apply them correctly, or they won’t work. These are the recommended steps:

  1. First, exfoliate 24 hours before you apply self tan with a sugar scrub or coffee scrub on your entire body including your face and neck before rinsing off. This ensures all dead skin cells are removed, and gives you a nice smooth base for the self tan.
  2. When exfoliating, pay extra attention to drier areas like your feet, ankles, elbows and knees.
  3. Next, cleanse with soap or body wash.
  4. Do any planned hair removal, as shaving or waxing can make your tan uneven.
  5. Once you’ve exfoliated, cleansed and removed your planned hair removal, ensure you’ve applied body lotion from head to toe to ensure skin is fully hydrated.
  6. Use a tanning mitt to apply your chosen self tanning product to prevent staining of your hands and nails.
  7. Apply the self-tanner onto your skin and rub in circular motions for best application.
  8. If it’s a wash-off self tan, ensure you rinse your body in cool to warm water, until water runs clear.
  9. If it’s a leave-on self tan product, allow your self tan to fully absorb and dry before getting dressed to avoid any streaks.

How To Get The Best Self Tan Results

Fake tans are a great way to get that sun-kissed look, but often times they fade and wash out quite quickly. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your fake tan last longer.

The key to making your tan last as long as possible is exfoliating before application. This will remove all the dead skin cells and leave your skin looking healthy and smooth all over, which will help your tan not only go on more evenly, but also last longer!

Your other option is to use a lotion with alpha hydroxy acids before applying your fake tan. These ingredients will help improve the natural exfoliation process in order to ensure that you have a fresh, glowing, even-toned complexion after having applied the fake tan.

I really hope you’ve found these self tan tips helpful.

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