Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Medication

Chronic pain is no fun, trust me. It can sometimes feel like you are constantly clock watching, waiting for when you’re able to take your next dose of pain relief.

Depending on your chronic pain condition, there are some more alternative options we can try to help alleviate some of the pain. Whilst different things work for different people, let’s take a look at some other non-medication options to manage chronic pain.

Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Medication

Understanding The Causes Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a seriously medical condition which affects millions of people all over the world. Chronic pain affects all ages, genders and backgrounds, and the medical community is yet to find a ‘cure’ or solution for chronic pain.

It’s thought that chronic pain is caused by a malfunctioning nervous system, which is a theory that dates back to the start of the 19th century, when scientists first discovered that chronic pain was related to inflammation within the body.

Latest research suggests chronic pain could be caused by a genetic predisposition to abnormal sensory processing, as well as an abnormal central nervous system plasticity. Whilst there is no cure for chronic pain, there are alternative treatments available, which don’t involve taking medication.

What Kinds of Alternative Chronic Pain Treatments Are There?

You’ve probably heard all about TENS machines, and the benefits of using one. They’re extremely effective, but with all of the wires and nodes, they’re not typically the most travel-friendly, which is where Paingone comes in.

Paingone pride themselves on creating devices that deliver fast, effective medication-free pain relief. Whether you suffer from joint pain, muscle pain, backache, migraines or other painful chronic pain conditions, Paingone have a range of products to suit your every need.

With chronic pain, you’re more likely to have pain in more than one problem area, which is why the Paingone devices are so useful, as they have devices like their Paingone One or Paingone Plus, which feature a pen-like design for targeted treatment wherever you need it on the body.

Their special pens can be used practically anywhere on the body (their words), be that your shoulders, knees, back or neck, for effective, targeted relief. They even work through clothing, so they’re ideal for throwing in your bag for when the pain strikes, and they offer a rapid 60-second treatment, which is much quicker relief than taking any pain medication.

Ways To Manage Chronic Pain Without Medication

Another popular treatment method for chronic pain is mindfulness. Mindfulness and meditation has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Mindfulness has also shown to be beneficial in improving the quality of your sleep, as well as helping to reduce the severity of migraine attacks.

One suggestion which is never fun to hear, but exercise has been proven to help with some chronic pain conditions. Exercise helps to relieve stress and release endorphins, which can help with pain management, as well as helping with loosening any tight or tense muscles which could be exacerbating the pain.

If the idea of exercise is a little off-putting due to pain levels, you could consider yoga. Yoga can help with chronic pain in a number of ways, including; releasing endorphins, improving your flexibility and balance, strengthening your muscles and spine, as well as raising your serotonin levels.

It’s also something you can do and adapt to however you feel on the day, and there’s endless yoga videos on YouTube to follow for chronic pain sufferers, which you can follow at home to give it a try, to see if it’ll help with managing your pain. It’s always worth trying anything you can, just to see if you can some much-needed relief, and I hope these suggestions have been helpful.

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