What Has 2020 Taught Us?

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2020, and what a year it’s been for everyone all over the globe. It’s been a year that nobody will forget, and I, for one, am glad for a new year, and a new start.

Sometimes I find myself focusing on the negatives in most situations, but it’s important to try and find the positives too. Whilst 2020 has certainly been challenging, this year has also taught us a lot too.

What Has 2020 Taught Us?

Expect The Unexpected

I think we can all agree that 2020 showed us that we never really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Everything can do a 180 at any point, and things can change completely.

In January, nobody could have guessed the globe would be so negatively impacted in so many ways thanks to the pandemic, and we have no idea what 2021 has instore for us either. Will things improve, or will things get worse? We just don’t know!

Appreciate Our Loved Ones

The pandemic has meant that we have had to change our routines, and that includes whom we can and cannot visit. Many of us haven’t been able to visit family or friends like we did last year, and with the rules changing so frequently, we just don’t know when we’ll next be able to see them. Many of us have appreciated our loved ones more, and perhaps not taken things for granted as much as we might have done previously.

What Has 2020 Taught Us?

Kindness Changes Everything

With life being challenging right now, it’s amazing how many people are doing wonderful things for other people. There are people that are volunteering for vaccine trials, people helping to deliver food and supplies to those that are shielding, people raising money for NHS, and just people trying to help other people.

Tomorrow Is Never Guaranteed

A slightly sombre lesson next, and that’s tomorrow is never guaranteed. We never know what tomorrow will bring for ourselves or our loved ones, so it’s important to live in the moment and appreciate what and who we have in life. I really try to focus on what I have each day, instead of what I haven’t, and that includes people too.

There’s lots of things 2020 has taught us, and these are just a few of the life lessons we’ve all learnt this year.

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