Where To Buy Pretty Face Masks

It’s amazing how different life has become compared to the beginning of 2020. As well as all of the social distancing rules, we now have to wear face masks to keep ourselves and others protected, and it can be overwhelming trying to choose your ‘perfect’ mask.

Face mask coverings don’t have to be uncomfortable or ugly, so I wanted to share some suggestions on where to buy pretty face masks.

Where To Buy Pretty Face Masks

One of the big problems many of us are facing when wearing a face covering, and that’s ‘maskne’. Maskne is basically acne caused by wearing a mask. Masks can become hot, and damp from the moisture from your breath, and that’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Something I’d recommend if you are suffering from maskne, is introducing a coffee face scrub into your routine. It will really help to slough away dead skin cells, as well as helping to nourish and smooth the skin if it’s feeling particularly dry and depleted of moisture.

If you’re going to wear a face mask this winter, you need it to be very protective, but it’s good to find something comfortable that looks good too.

Where To Buy Pretty Face Masks

My first recommendation is Etsy. You can find pretty much absolutely anything on Etsy, and there have been a lot of face mask sellers pop up on Etsy over the last few months, offering handmade face masks in every print and color you could possibly think of.

Where To Buy Pretty Face Masks

Pretty Face Masks

My favorite fabric for face masks has to be silk, as it’s comfortable and less abrasive on the skin. There’s so many pretty silk face mask designs, but MinknHoneyCreations half tonnes of stunning masks on offer.

ASOS has so many masks for men and women, in different fabrics, styles, colors and price points. They have multipacks where you can get 3-5 masks, or you can purchase them individually.

It’s recommended you have more than one mask with you at all times, so you can change it if it becomes damp or dirty, so multipacks are handy. I really love the look of this JDY Leopard Print Trio, as they’re all cute with different colors to choose from.

PrettyLittleThing are my next recommendation on where to buy pretty face masks, and they’re probably one of the best options if you’re on a budget as they have some really affordable masks. They even have filter masks, as well as conventional material masks which loop around the ears.

Wearing face masks isn’t pleasant, but as we don’t have a choice, it’s great to be able to find comfortable, chic face coverings without having to spend a fortune.

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