Why Do I Need To Use An Eye Cream?

Why Do I Need To Use An Eye Cream

Why Do I Need To Use An Eye Cream

If you follow a lot of skincare experts on social media, you’ll see them talking about the importance of using an eye cream. You might be left wondering why do I need to use an eye cream within my skincare routine? There are so many different skincare products to choose from, and it’s hard to know when to slot each product into your routine, and if you really need to use endless products each day.

What is an eye cream?

Eye creams are lotions which have been formulated specifically for the more delicate skin above and below the eye area. Due the skin being more delicate, the formulas of eye creams tend to be richer than those you’d apply to your face, and you usually require a much smaller amount. Eye creams also tend to have a higher oil content, and a higher percentage of active ingredients to look after and treat the skin around the eyes.

When should I introduce an eye cream into my skincare routine?

With skincare in general, an earlier the better mantra tends to apply. Prevention is better than cure is definitely apt for skincare, as it’s better to try and prevent wrinkles by applying an eye cream than it is to begin applying an eye cream once you’ve seen wrinkles begin to form. You can start applying eye creams at any age, but it’s recommended that your twenties are the best place to start, but you most definitely need to start if you’re in your thirties.

Why Do I Need To Use An Eye Cream

What will an eye cream do?

It depends on the product in question, but different eye creams have different benefits. You could find an eye cream that targets dark circles, and will help brighten the skin below the eyes. Maybe you have wrinkles, and you want to dry and minimise them? There are eye creams for that as well as products to reduce dryness, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce puffiness, help boost collagen production and much more.

Eye creams don’t offer instant benefits, so it’s the kind of product you need to persevere with, once you’ve found your perfect eye cream. Eye creams can help minimise wrinkles, but they’re not going to make them go away, but they’re definitely beneficial within your skincare routine, depending on your skincare concerns. One tip for applying an eye cream, is to ensure you don’t apply too much eye cream, or it can begin to migrate into the eyes.

Generally speaking, a grain of rice sized amount of eye cream will suffice, and it’s always recommended you apply your eye cream with your ring fingers, as they offer the least amount of pressure which is important for the delicate skin around the eyes.

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