Why Should You Invest In Antique Jewellery?

I’m such a big fan of jewellery, and I love how a single piece of jewellery can elevate your whole outfit. I really enjoy choosing my jewellery pieces to complement my outfit, and I particularly like antique jewellery. I think a lot of people think antique jewellery is going to be old fashioned and all about the cameos, but antique pieces have so much more to offer than those you could just pick up in your favourite fashion store.

Why Should You Invest In Antique Jewellery

Why Should You Invest In Antique Jewellery

Kicking off with sustainability. In the last year especially, there’s been a massive emphasis on sustainability within the fashion world, and it’s lead to many brands and retailers making more eco-friendly packaging and production techniques.

Stores like Primark, Topshop and River Island are known as being ‘fast fashion’ which is bad for the environment as the global fashion industry is generating a very large amount of greenhouse gases due to the energy required during the production, manufacture and transportation of the millions of garments purchased every year.

Purchasing antique jewellery from a reputable, quality retailer like https://carusjewellery.com means you’re not contributing to the fast fashion problem, and it’s so much better to enjoy pre-loved pieces both in terms of jewellery, but also fashion pieces in general too.

Why Should You Invest In Antique Jewellery

Another reason you should invest in antique jewellery is down to quality. Jewellery just isn’t as high quality as it used to be, and you just don’t get character in the pieces you can purchase from a high street jeweller.

I love looking at a piece of antique jewellery and trying to imagine the story behind the piece, particularly something like these 1950’s sapphire and diamond earrings. Imagine all the special occasions these studs have been worn? It’d be impossible not to feel special when wearing them, and they’re such a statement piece.

Antique jewellery is great if you like more original jewellery designs. Antique jewellery has usually been handmade by expert craftsman, and the pieces were built to last which isn’t necessarily the case with more modern pieces. I love wearing a piece of antique jewellery knowing it’s not something that everyone’s going to be wearing.

If you purchase jewellery as a hobby, with a view to resell, antique and vintage jewellery holds its price considerably more than modern jewellery. They also make lovely inheritance gifts, which you can pass through the family to be enjoyed by everyone that wears the piece.

Why Should You Invest In Antique Jewellery

Something that could be down to personal opinion, but antique and vintage jewellery tends to be better quality as the resources used to produce the piece; i.e the metals and the gemstones are of exceptional quality. People didn’t cut corners with jewellery production say in the fifties compared to now.

My last reason you should invest in antique jewellery is the fact you’re supporting a smaller business, which is usually more often than not, a family owned business. I much prefer purchasing anything from smaller businesses, especially right now when times are hard, and purchasing antique jewellery is a great way to support smaller businesses.


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